We are always looking for talented Postdoctoral and PhD researchers to join the team.

The current QUEST group members are

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Andy Teale
Group Leader

Andy's research interests are in electronic structure theory, particularly density-functional theory and its applications.

Tom Irons
Postdoctoral Researcher

As a founding researcher on the QUEST code Tom's interests span the full range of ab initio and DFT electronic structure methods.

Grégoire David
Postdoctoral Researcher

Grégoire’s interests are focused on the treatment of various magnetic phenomena in molecules through mean-field-based approaches.

Meilani Wibowo
Postdoctoral Researcher

Meilani focuses on development and application of real-time time-dependent electronic structure methods for excited states and spectroscopy.

Bang Huynh
Postdoctoral Researcher

Bang’s research interests lie in the use of symmetry and topology to understand and extend electronic-structure theory and methods.

Chi Cheng
Postdoctoral Researcher

Chi's research interests are in the electronic-structure and density-functional theories for systems in an electromagnetic fields.

Michael Hutcheon
Postdoctoral Researcher

Michael's research interests are in electronic structure methods - in particular, novel methods development in density-functional theory.

Benjamin Speake
Postgraduate Researcher

Benjamin’s interests are in electronic structure theory, particularly in embedded fragment methods for materials in magnetic fields.

Adam Garner
MRes Student

Adam's project studies molecular structure and optimization techniques in strong magnetic fields using electronic structure methods.


We are grateful to all of our alumni, many of whom have contributed to the QUEST code and our publications

  • James Furness (PhD Student)
  • Jan Zemen (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  • Matt Ryley (PhD Student)
  • Michael Withnall (MSci Student)
  • Jack Elsdon (MSci Student)
  • Lucy Spence (MSci Student)
  • Hannah Wood (MSci Student)
  • Benjamin Ennifer (MSci Student)
  • Andrew Johnson (MSci Student)
  • Joachim Verbeke (MSci Student)
  • Imran Shafi (MSci Student)
  • Joseph Ryan Thickpenny (MSci Student)
  • Sam Gaughan (MSci Student)
  • Miles Pemberton (MSci Student)
  • Niamh Berwick (MSci Student)
  • Hannah Mowbray (MSci Student)